If the issue is a global issue for apps/groups .......
Check the "Launcher Configuration" under the properties of the User's OU to
make sure that the "Reading of Groups" is enabled for application

If this is a more isolated issue, check both the app and the group to make
sure both show the association. In some rare cases, mostly seen when
somebody has rights to one but not the other when creating an assignment,
both objects may not get updated and it things may not appear to operate
correctly. This is not a known issue currently with C1 which should check
for this condition, but I have seen it happen over the years.

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> Under the user's OU check
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>> Hello,
>> When I assign an application to a user, I can see it in Application
>> Explorer. When I assign the same application in a group which the user is
>> a member of, the application do not appears anymore.
>> Do not understand why??
>> Thanks in advance!