Hi Guys,

When running this prelauch script (line numbers added):

1 xcopy \\bats\shortcutdeleting\dellprinters.bat
C:\windows\temp\ /c /g /r /y /h
2 \\bats\shortcutdeleting\copy.bat
3 xcopy \\bats\shortcutdeleting\photoshop5.bat
C:\windows\temp\ /c /g /r /y /h

The script will stop after line 2 and line 3 will not be executed. Why is
that?..? errrrm not sure
The batch file of line 2 is simply 1 line:
xcopy \\bats\shortcutdeleting\novellcommon.bat
C:\windows\temp\ /c /g /r /y /h

Even surrounding the bat in a start command, still does not do the trick.

Therefore for any *.bat files run in a launch script, it must be the last
line of the script and only 1 batch file per script segment, Pre/Post.

Live and Learn - Hope this helps someone
ps: Anyone have an idea why this is happening?