We are using ZfD7.0.1 (SP1) to distribute software and are replacing one
Antivirus with another. I made tree NAL-objects;
- Remove Norman Antivirus (Depending on "Remove Norman and install
- Remove Norman and install F-secure (Force run)
- Install F-secure (Force run)

It work like this:
- Remove Norman Antivirus
This is triggered by "Remove Norman and install F-secure". It Runs an
silent uninstall of Norman.

- Remove Norman and install F-secure (Force run)
This checks if Norman exist and triggers "Remove Norman Antivirus" if
Norman exist. Then it run a MSI-install for F-secure. (Check on

- install F-secure (Force run)
This check if no antivirus exist. If both Norman nor F-secure exist (Check
on files-exist), then it run a MSI-install for F-secure.

Result should be:
If Norman exist, then uninstall it and then install F-secure
If Norman nor F-secure exist, then only install F-secure
If F-secure exist, then do nothing

On my testcomputer this was working perfect and the same on several other
computers, but now some got this error-msg during login; "Problem: Install
failed. MSI Returned Error Code 1603".

I have searched for TID and only get hit for an older version of Zen
(4.0.1); TID:10089827, about MST-file. As i guess is that the MSI-file is
run, but F-secure is allready exist on the computer and then it create
this error-msg.

I have not applyed any MST-file!

The real problem is probebly that the installation of the MSI-file is
triggered when it not supposed to run.
So what can be the problem? It seems that installaion of the MSI-file is
triggered even the criteria is not met. F-secure DO EXIST and then nothing
should happen.

How do i debug this?

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway

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