Zen7 SP1 HP1, on Win2K3.

How would I force NALDESK or NALEXPLD to refresh info from the tree?

I need to push a bunch of things out, and waiting for users to login
again to get the changes is too slow.

(The distribute randomly stuff is turned off. We had that on at first,
misunderstanding what it means, but that has been off for a bout a week).

Set the Launcher setting of refresh rate to 3600 (1 hour), but how would
I force a refresh?

I was thinking a policy added that calls an executable with acommand
line switch, but there does not seem to be any command line switches to
force a NAL refresh.

I was thinking a policy to call naldesk /u to unload it, then load
naldesk, but is there any better way?

I want to use a policy since it can be event, or time driven...

Unless there is a better way?