We have an application that can run directly from server by runninn an
Im distribute the Shortcut to those who will use this progrogram using ZfD.

Those who dont login with Novell Client can still access this Shortcut by
login to Middle Tier Server in Zen-Agent, but they get error about
accessing file on server. Of course they can't access this file without
login with Novell Client, but i thougt i could set filerights in

Do all users need to login using Novell Client? Or can they use CIFS?

I tried to set "Rights to files and folder", but my settings is cleared
when i access the app-obj again. Why cant i set rights to files and folder?

We use NW6.5 SP6
ZfD7.0.1 (SP1).

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway

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