Microsoft visual C++ Runtime Library error
Buffer overrun detected!
Program: c:\programme\zenworks\nalntsrv.exe

See Attachment!

This error occures, when launching a distribution, which is defined to
add a line to a text file.
If the existing text file is already containing a line with more than
515 chars, the error occures.

Windows XP-SP2
Novell-Client 4.91 SP3
Management Agent 7 SP1

Background of the story is that we are making changes to the
mozilla-prefs.js file in order to launch user-konfigurations. If a user
is defining a vcard with many fields filled in, a line in the prefs.js
file is produced with more than 515 characters...

Jens Hochberg
Erfurt University

|Filename: buffer-overrun.JPG |