I have created a simple zen Application which needs to copy an xml file
from "c:\program files\artec\client\pclientcfg.xml" to "c:\program
files\artec\client\clientcfg.xml" then read the current logged in users
CN modify the target file (i.e. clientcfg.xml) and then launch a program
from C drive. If this zen app is associated to user or container object
it works fine. If app is associated to workstation object with "Force
run as user if appication is workstation associated" ticked under Run
Options-->Application then the copy process does not happen and zen app
quits. The local windows user does not have create/write rights on the
target directory on the local drive but I would expect the "Distribution
Options" to run as system user, at least that is what is happening when
app is associated to user/OU objects but as far as I can see the
distribution options seem to want to run as the local user. If local
user has create/write rights to target directory then zen app works but
this is not ideal since we don't want normal users to write there.

NWServer 6.5 SP5
Zen 7 SP1
Client machine: WinXP SP2, NWclient 4.91 SP2, ZenAgent 7.0.1 (also
applied ZDM SP1 hotpatch 2)

Any help will be appreciated.