Just upgraded to Zenworks 7 Sp1 on Friday. The push went well and no
errors in install. Remote is working fine. But half my workstations will
not start Application Explorer. If I watch Task Manager, Nalview sits
there as a process for about 15 seconds and then disappears. I have tried
starting it manually with the same results. I have tried starting
NalAgent.exe and it won't start at all. I have tried to execute Nalexpld
but it does the same thing. Workstations that are not working have Novell
client 4.90 SP2 or 4.91.SP1. But yet, some workstations with both those
versions are working fine. Workstations are Dell GX270 or GX280. I even a
Precision doing the same thing. The only TID I found was TID3727644
NALDESK or NALVIEW will not stay in memory. This TID describes the
problem exactly but I'm already at 7 SP1 for zenworks. Any suggestions
for help would be appreciated.