We are having a problem with workstation application objects. Regardless if
they are set to force run or not, or if the applications are associated
directly to the workstation or to the workstation groups, the applications
do not initially appear in the NAL. Launching the NAL helper shows that the
workstation objects are imported and in their correct workgroups.
Refreshing the NAL causes the applications to appear.

Application objects associated to users or user groups work perfectly fine.
We are running ZENworks 7 SP1. In order to get around this problem for the
time being we force run an application object to all users that refreshes
the NAL which in turn causes the workstations to get their associations. We
did not see this problem until recently upgrading to SP1.

Does anyone have any ideas or tips as to what might be causing this
problem? Thank you in advance.

Anwar Ayub