I'm having some difficulty with this. I've built a simple app object
that distributes registry keys to HKLM. The object is workstation
associated, force run, distribute always and run as secure system. The
app successfully distributes each time the workstation starts (logging
success/failures to a log file) but the app doesn't force run based on
the timed refresh interval set in the launcher config. The container
holding workstation objects has the following launcher config and that
container is set as the top of the configuration tree:

Enable Helper (Workstation): Yes
Enable time refresh (Workstation): Yes
Set application inheritance level (Workstation): 0
Set refresh frqeuency (Workstation): 600 (set to 10 min in my test env)

I've enabled full debug logging for the Workstation Helper but i'm not
seeing any WARN/CRIT errors in zfdnal.csv. The log file indicates
authentication to tree is successful and the launcher config is pulled
down correctly (as listed above). It then cycles into the
NWAPPCheckForScheduleApps actions but never lists the association to the
force run app...