We have a new problem where workstations with no client 32 (ZFDAgent only)
will not cache all files for Novell MSI application objects set to force
cache. Workstations with Client 32 and ZFDAgent installed will fully cache
all files.

A specific instance is our MS Office install point. This includes the MSI,
transform file, various other files, and subfolders containing files for
the installation of office. Just your standard MS Office install point.
All the files and folders in the subfolder of the installation point will
cache but only one file at the root of the installation point will cache.
The others will not UNLESS you remove all subfolders then all the files at
the root will cache. As soon as the subfolders are moved back then files
in the root will not be cached. This is really bizarre and can easily be
reproduced with new AO's