I am trying to run a batch file from W2K PC's which simply contains the
following line followed by a pause command:-

FORFILES -p"c:\Documents and Settings" -m*.* -c"CMD /C if not
@FILE==Administrator COPY F:\RespFarm\Update\pn.ini c:\Docume~1

It runs fine when run manually, logged in as any user from any PC, but
when I try and run it as a Zenworks 7.01 application, it works on some
PC's, but on others gives the error:-

'FORFILES' is not recognized as an internal or external command.

The error occurrs whether logged in as myself (an Administrator) or as a
user so appears to be machine related.

I can see no reason for this failure whatsoever, particularly as it runs
manually no problem.

Why is Zenworks incapable of running a simple batch file on some PC's but
not all? FORFILES is an internal OS command so can't be found in any
Windows System directory so I can't see how it can be a pathing issue.

How can I fix this error?