Hi all,

I'm attempting to follow this Cool Solutions article to push new DST
information to Windows XP workstations.


I've created the Simple Application, filled in all the necessary
information such as checking for OS version and whether or not the app has
already been run (via checking for the existence of a Registry key), etc.
per the article.

My problem is that when NAL tries to run the app, the following error is

(id=5)","Access is denied.

I'm assuming this is a file-rights issue, but I can't seem to track it down.

All users have RF to the directory where WindowsXP-KB928388-x86-ENU.exe is
stored, and full rights (R/W/E/C/M/F) to the Logging subdirectory beneath
it. In fact, the error message above is being successfully written to the
log file (DistributeSuccess, LaunchFailure). Why is NAL able to write the
log entry, yet not access the executable?

The user I'm testing this with has the correct rights to the file locations
on the server, and is also an Administrator on her Windows XP workstation -
though that shouldn't matter as the app is set to run as Secure System
user. It just looks like NAL for whatever reason cannot access the file
stored on the network server (a NetWare 6.5 box).

Any ideas what I'm missing here?