I'm still new to both Novell and Zenworks so please give detailed
explanations (if required) for any solutions to the below problems.

We currently have Novell 6.5 SP6 as the NOS. We are using Groupwise 7 as
our mail server and client and we are using Zenworks 7 SP1 HF1 for
desktop management.

I am currently trying to deploy the Groupwise Windoes Client Agent to all
the computers within the organization. Using Zenworks through Console
One, I first pushed out the ISSCRIPT.msi file to all computers which
brought the installer to version 1050 and this was successful.

I then used Console One to push out the Groupwise Windows Client as per
the instructions from the Groupwise 7 Administration Guide, Chapter
66.2. I followed everything and tied the installation to the
administrative login to make sure it went smoothly.

Instead, I got the following series of errors and problems when this
installation deployed to the target computer:

In an alert box "MS Outlook. Either there is no default mail client or
the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request. Please run
MS Office Outlook and set it to the default mail client". This message
appeared at least five times during the install and only gave me the "OK"
button to continue.

The next error was an alert box titled "Installshield DLL custom action"
and the error was "The DLL being called encountered a problem".

The next error was "Failed to extract file 'NewBinary19' from the binary

The next error was an alert box titled "Application Launch Status" and
the error was "Problem: Install failed MSI returned error code 1603".

After all of these errors, it seemed that the client installed. On
attempting to run the client, the MS Office Outlook error occurred like
three times, then this error followed: "Error 1904. Module
C:\Windows\system32\gwmsp132.dll failed to register. HRESULT -
2147220473. Contact support."

The client then loaded but wouldn't let me do anything.

All of these problems only occur when I attempt to push the application
out to the computers. If I install the client individually per computer,
I don't have any of these problems whatsoever.

The only real solution I have found, thus far, was to install the WMS.exe
file prior to installing the GW client. This didn't make sense since I
was able to install the client, per computer, without having to add extra

Also, those same instructions included a GroupWise 7 Tuner located in the
\admin\tools\tuner directory of the Groupwise 7 Support Pack 1 Download.
From what I can see, we already have this but I am unable to find this
file gwtuner.exe that further enhances the groupwise.msi file.

Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated,

Thank you,

Kevin Butler