I'm trying to push a Firefox update with a simple Zen App, WinXP clients.

I can't get a good "File Version" distribution rule to work for
Window "properties" on the file shows File Version 1.8.20070.20123 (approx)
for the Firefox version and 1.8.20070.30919 for the Firefox

Other "Other Version Information | File Version" on the same popup
it shows and

Under "Other Version Information | Product Version" it shows and

Can anyone give me the scoop on what the Zenworks "File Version"
Distribution Rule is doing?

Experimentation seems to show that vs. is not it,
and vs. is not it either.

1.8.20070.20123 vs 1.8.20070.30919 seems to totally confuse Zenworks,
which then may show at the client App Explorer that the app does not
meet requirements but the Details for the Requirement is blank.

Is it that the 5 digit version part can't be handled by Zen?