Simple question I hope since this was working.
Im using Cs1 w/ the 7 snapins. I have created a simple app that only
copies a folder w/ files from the Zenworks server to the users machine. I
go under Distribtion Options>Application Files and add a directory. Source
path is \\server\directory and copies subfolders is checked. The target
path is c:\test. This doesnt copy anything. What am I doing wrong? It
seems so simple. I dont get a error message, but I know it runs the app
since the app also creates a shortcut which works.
The old way that I was doing is to add a file w/ a source path of
\\server\files\*.* and the target path was C:\test. This worked fine on
our old version but it doesnt work either. Any ideas?
User and wrkstation has R/F rights.