Has anyone successfully created a purely MSI GW 7 client installation. We
have GW6.5 client and would like to upgrade to 7, but I don't have an
adequate MST to perform the install with the options that I would like to.
Also, I don't know exactly which files I need to put in the distribution
directory, I don't think that the GroupWise.msi file has all the files we

So far, I've determined that I need to run the Installeshield msi first (and
that works fine), but what parts are next?

Brian W.

ps, with the zenworks push to use MSI, you'd think that a standard Zenworks
package or MSI install instruction pack would be developed. all the official
Novell literature I can find say that MSI, is 'out of the scope of this
manual...' - just a thought.