Hi all,
I'm messing around with software packaging (after taking the online ATT
class) and am running into a problem. Trying to repackage WordPerfect
9, which came as a setup.exe. I ran the repackager and used
Installation Monitoring with AdminStudio (Zenworks edition) and all
seemed to go well. I created one big MSI file (100mb or so). When I
go to install the .msi file, it almost finishes but has one error:

Error 1911: could not register type file for library
c:\program files\corel\wordperfect office 2000\programs\_INST32I.EX_.
Contact support personnel

If i hit Ignore, it repeats the error once, hit Ignore again, it
finishes the installation. However, Windows Installer is hosed after
this. Cant uninstall/install anything.

Any ideas? Thanks!