I'm pushing out Groupwise 7 with zenworks 7. Under Distribution Options >
Icons/Shortcuts I have added a Groupwise shortcut with the parameters
of /ipa- /ipp-1677 /@u-?.
This works fine and it creates a shortcut on the desktop and I even have
a VBS script that also pins it to the Start Menu. My problem is...the
icon is a telephone and not the standard GW icon. I don't know where it
is picking up the phone icon from. Here are my parameters...
Shortcut option: Create Always
Shortcut name: GroupWise 7
Shortcut location: %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\desktop
Target file: c:\Novell\Groupwise\grpwise.exe
Parameters: /ipa- /ipp-1677 /@u-?
Start in: c:\novell\Groupwise
Icon Filename: N\zenworks\pushes\grpwise.exe
Icon Index: 4
Run: Normal window

I would appreciate any help as this is holding me up from pushing out GW7
Thank you,