We have a both English and Chinese users in our company. I am using ZEN
to deploy MS Patches. I use the language macros to determine language.
If the Windows is using English Windows than the language macro detect
properly. If the machine is using Chinese Windows than the macro detects
properly. The problem is when the machine is an English or Multi-Lingual
version and the code page is set to UTF. Then the ZEN language macro
detects the machine as Chinese and installs the Chinese version. Now for
some reason the MS Patches will not install the Chinese patch on the US
or Multi-Lingual version of Windows. The patch looks like it's deploying
but it does not take. Is there any other way to detect the Windows
install language without using the macro. I like the macro and it works
great for system that use English and Chinese native but if it's an
English and Multi-Lingual with the UTF codepage it fails. Any suggestions?


John Jakus