I cannot seem to push out applications to clients via NAL. I create the
app in console one and associate it to a workstation. I then go to the
workstation, open the application explorer and run the app. I then get an
error that pops up saying "Couldn't configure workstation for application"
"Problem: Unable to Copy File" ....1.fil](D018)). I'm able to browse to
this file location and have full rights as I'm logging in as admin. My
middle tier seems to be running just fine and I've temporary changed my
xtier proxy user to be the admin user as to make sure it's not a rights
issue. Oh.. I'm running Zenworks 7.1 with Hot Patch 3 applied including
the newest desktop agent. My desktop management server and xtier are all
running on the same netware 6.5 sp6 box. We're a single tree environment.