I am trying to install the zfd agent by pre install when assocaited to
workstation objects.

This works fine if I push it out to workstations on our LAN, however
this fails when pushed out to ones over the WAN.
I get an error code of 1612 which is telling me it cant find the source
(msi file)

I have checked and the app is cached on the pc in
there are 5 files on a working machine, one of them is an install
folder with the msi in it.

On the reporting it says the app cached successfully and on a failing
pc there is a zfd_sp2 folder with 4 files and no install folder (hence
no msi), which is why I'm guessing Im getting that error

Can anyone shed any light on this?

PS. The app is set to :

Pre install (shedule none)
No settings in the NAL (NO force cache, force run etc)
Run as secured system user