Hi sorry if this seems a dumb question, but what I want to know is this.
Is there a way using an app object delivered via ConsoleOne and Zen to
enable a scheduled defrag of hard drives? Users do not have access to the
msc or command line, so I will need it to be delivered via the network at
next boot up. It will need to run as a scheduled task (say once a
fortnight at noon) and run as the local administrator account for anyone
who’s using the machine (our users have only user access not power
or above). I was thinking of using the dos defrag command from
c:windowssystem32. It will need to run silently behind the scenes. We have
our hard drive split in to C and D so the D drive would need to run
another day with a switch. I can do it locally no problem, but with over a
hundred machines I was hopping that it could be done globally.