We are trying to deploy applications to a newly imaged machine. The image
is a sysprep'd XP image that installs the client and ZEN Agent. After the
mini-setup there is an Auto Admin Logon that names and registers the
workstation. The application launcher is not started during this process,
but the shortcut is copied to the All Users/Startup folder at the end.
During registration the workstation is assigned to a workstation group
that has some default applications associated to it. These applications
are configured for pre-installation with no set schedule and checked for
force-cache and force-run. When the machine reboots it was our
expectation that the associated applications would be installed. This is
not the case. If we login in once, even workstation only so no user
associated applications are deployed, and refresh the application launcher
the workstation associated applications distribute correctly.
Alternatively if we login once then just reboot without forcing a refresh
on the launcher the applications are deployed successfully. If we don't
login, but reboot using the NWClient the apps are never deployed.

We are using the pre-install status tool provided by "Denis" to confirm
exactly when the apps are deployed.

Is there some reason why this process seems to require a login and/or
launcher refresh?