We have an app object that simply calls a batch file which runs a simple
executable with switches. We run the batch file through a zenworks app
object. It worked fine when we were letting our users have admin
privileges. However, it stops working when we have users log in as a
windows user security equivalent.

The batch file basically copies a couple of files then writes to a log.
All the files are located in a subdirectory of our LOGIN directory. File
ACL's aren't a problem.

The behavior varies. We can see the batch file run, but nothing happens.
Nothing gets written to the log file. Or, when we try to run as a "secure
or unsecure system user," we get a ZENWorks error saying that the agent
can't find the path specified. Never mind that a drive is mapped and we
can run the batch file manually by double-clicking on it afterwards.

I'm still learning my way around ZENWorks. I hope I'm just missing
something obvious. Thanks in advance,