I've been trying to install a Java-based program called MediaBlender with
snAppShot. The problem I've run into is when the users go to open or save
their files the folders in their home directories aren't visible (and they
get an error if they try to save to the root of their home).
MediaBlender's tech support hasn't been able to provide any answers - I'm
wondering if it has something to do with the home directories being on a
cluster since other mapped drives' sub-folders are visible. Are there any
permissions or settings that need to be set/adjusted for a Java-based
application? I've had to set the option for the application to 'run as
unsecure system user' to even get the program to run through NAL. If I
run the executable directly from the C: drive, it runs properly and the
sub-folders are displayed...

Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated!