Hi all,

We have been running Zen to distribute applications to our staff WS in
the University for some time now. ZenApp objects are associated to staff
container and that worked well. We have now started using Zen to
distribute applications to our student WS also and the Zen application
objects created for students only have all been associated to the
Workstation Objects which seems to work well too. The problem is if
staff login to the student machines then they also get their
applications run on the student machine which is not what we want. One
can tell staff not to login with staff account on a student machine but
that is never going to work as people ignore these notices. My question
would be can one restrict student workstations to only login users in
the student container?

We have also toyed with the idea that we can create a separate tree
where we can store workstation and application objects and then tell ZfD
agent on the client machine to "Limit Application Launcher to one tree
only" and set the tree name to this new tree. I did some experiments on
this but I could not stop applications associated to staff container to
run. Whether I am doing something wrong or not I don't know but it did
not behave as I expected. The two relevant registry keys are set in the
WS correctly I believe:

HKLM\software\novell\workstation manager\identification, NALUseSingleTree=1

HKLM\software\novell\workstation manager\identification, Tree=NewTree

Any ideas on how to move forward will be greatly appreciated.

Platform: NW65SP5, Zen7SP1, WindowsXP clients

Queen Mary, University of London