HI All,

Zen 701,

Righ we here is SA do not have bandwitdh, so for now we opted to only push
down reg settings via nal, later i'll have to do "FAT App Dist" via the
virtual CD option......so currently it is only reg settings like proxy
settings, disable auto update, disable xp firewall etc etc...no i opted to
have the "apps" cached to of course save bandwith......and i need these to
always be distributed...the settings i have is to Always Distributed,
disconnectable And Forced cache and then of course force run. now i notice
that everytime the pc starts it does not only distribute these apps which
is what i want, BUT is also ALWAYS caching them again!?...what am i doing
wrong?...should it cache it only ones...and only when i make a
change/version change cache again?....