A Zen application which we have had around for a while (since zen 3.2) now
(using Zen creates a damaged shortcut. I have made a test app
which just makes the desktop shortcut and it has the same problem. Here
is the app ...

[Shortcut Add]
Link File Path=%*DESKTOP%PRLCostTracking.lnk
EXE Path=K:APPSPRLCostTrackingPRLCostHO.mdb
Icon Path=
Icon Index=0
Working Directory=K:APPSPRLCostTracking
Flag=Create New
Show Command=Normal
Separate Memory Space=No

The shortcut created has an EXE path of

as opposed to

interestingly, K: is map rooted to the users home drive. If I changed
the app to point to a directory on U: which is not map rooted it works.