Hi all.

I am getting a 1612 on an MSI (source problem).
Can you help?

I have an MSI AO that is:
- Associated by W/S
- Distribute in W/S Security Space
- UNC paths to package.
- Force Run
- Distribution and Launch Success and Failure Logs.

- I have given FULL rights to the DIRECTORY where the MSI file resides in
Common>File Rights tab.
- I have done the same on the "Rights to Files and Folders" tab.

- There are NO user portions to distribute.

More info:

- If I create an AOT instead of an MSI AO, which calls the MSIEXEC /I string,
then the app force runs as system without user logon. This proves that the MSI
can be succesfully distributed using Force Run NAL as W/S Associated.

- I need to get the MSI AO working in the same manner, but it fails with the
1612 error.

- If I remove the "Distribute in W/S Security Space", then the logs do not
show ANY distribution, success or failure.

Thanks for any advice.