I am attempting to use ZEN to deploy office 2K3 Standard on non-admin
machines. I have tried using cacls to give everyone rights to the
"...all users\...microsoft\office\data" dir, as well as using subincal
to add the same rights to the reg key HKLM\software\microsoft\office .
I am running those both in a batch file called before and after the
install. I have used the office tools to create the install .mst, and I
have it checked to run as a secure system user.

I still cannot get the thing to load on a non-admin machine. I did
somehow get the install to finish Friday on one machine by manually
assigning these rights, but then it gave the "this version has not been
installed for this user..." error on launch of any of the progs.

Is there a way to fix this, or are we all supposed to just make every
user in the company a local admin?

Thanks in advance,