Good Morning:

Does anyone have a good .msi editor/builder software package to recommend?

It should do a few things:
- be able to make a .MST, to make unattended installs from all sorts of msi
based packages.
- a nice msi editor, sometimes there is no other way than to just rip things
out of an msi. Now I use Orca or Winstall LE for that.
- things were easy if you got one ore even more msi's, but I see more and
more where the put some installscript part in it, that first needs its own
engine and then isn't customisable.
- a sort of snapshot to msi tool, I still get enough non msi based stuff.
patching isn't high proority, mostly we get a complete new version each

I appreciate any input on this.

Brian Hatchell
Network Manager
Victor Valley Community College
760 245-4271 x2792