we are using zen701, and i didnt find something about the folling question

if i distribute with force run more than one application to a workstation
( workstation associated ) are they running parrallel or sequentiel ? did
they make collisions betwenn the distributing to the workstation ?

if i start to dirstibute with force run a application to a workstation,
maybe i want to reinstall the lotus notes client, and the workstation
starts to install it, and now the user starts to login to that
workstation, after the login the user starts the lotus notes client ( it
was installed allready before the workstation helper install the new lotus
note client again., ) is there a problem or collision with the workstation
helper that installs the new version and are there collisions / problems
with the lotus notes client,
or is it not possible to start the lotus notes client until the
workstation helper installed the version ???