I've read a number of comments here that indicate that some of you folks
know about Deepfreeze. I've got 300+ new laptops entering the shop that
are destined for remote use. In order to cut down support calls on those
laptops, we're planning on freezing them. However, we'd like to retain
the ability to still use Zen to push applications. Under normal
circumstances, we'd just set them up to thaw every night and time our
pushes to match. But since these are potentially going to be at a user's
home, unconnected to our VPN all night, we realized we may have some
problems. Would the cache/install process work the same as usual if I
created a thawed partition, mounted it as c:\nalcache, forced a cache of
whatever I wanted to push? If that would work, how could I cache the
application while the systems were on our network but wait until 3am to
install the application?