a while back, it was recommended that the MS client be removed from
workstations (win2k, originally) if it was not being used, in order to
enhance performance. (never found it to be of much help...but
anyway...). So that's the way we configured our workstations for a

On more recent "imaged" workstations, we stopped bothering to remove
it. But I've found that we've still got a bunch of older winxp boxes
out there that don't have the MS client installed.

Now, we've got a new piece of software to push out, that does print
accounting. It needs to talk to a win'03 server in the background to
do its job...and it needs the MS client installed on the workstations.

So, I've got to insure that "client for ms networking" is installed on
all our workstations. (all winxp/sp2 with novell client 4.9x/ + zfd4.
moving to 7 soon).
Is it possible to "push" it out with a policy? or a sneaky windows
or any other method?