I am running Netware 6.5Sp6 with ZfD7Sp1 and on the workstations I have
W2K (latest patches) with the Netware client 9.1Sp2 and the ZfD 7Sp1 agent

My problem is that recently, for no apparent reason, my client
workstations are unable to run the Novell Application Launcher at user
login (or any time after that). The NAL window runs locally at the
workstations at user login; however, when the users login, the NAL window
runs for two seconds but never finishes loading so all you see is the
splash window of the ZfD client flash for two seconds.

The only way I am able to make the NAL window run after a failed attempt
is if I login as administartor then stop and restart the "workstation
manager" service and after the workstations manager reconfigures the PC
and then reboots, my users are then able to login and get their NAL window
with no problem.

Plase help, I have over 100 PC whose NAL window fails to appear and the
only change I made recently was to get rid of a server for which the
affected workstations did not even connect to.

Thank you in Advance,