Short Description of Problem:
The Application Object created from my AdminStudio .msi file will not apply correctly. The distribution seems to finish appropriately with the icons in the right places, etc., but Roxio itself will not work properly - it will configure each time a user logs in and it will configure anytime you manipulate a file (e.g., move the file to another folder).

AppObject built on a virtual machine with no client using AdminStudio 8 ZENworks edition
Target machine is a Dell Optiplex 745 (2GB RAM, 6300/1.86 Core2 Duo)
ZENworks Desktop Management 7

Miscellaneous oddity: The built .msi file applies correctly as itself, so the problem is only occurring when using the AppObject - which also points to me doing something wrong in that configuration.

Thanks in advance for any advice from this group.

Kevin Lee Carpenter
Technician Coordinator, Cedarville University