Just wondering if this is possible. I'm running ZfD 7.1. There was an
app that are installed on the machines here at the site I'm working at.
Recently a patch was installed and it broke the app. The only way to fix
the problem was to reinstall the entire OS. Well, there are about 20
systems and I really dont' want to rebuild 20 systems. Normally, we
would just uninstall and reinstall the app, but the crappy program
doesn't uninstall really well. All the files and registry and a bunch of
other stuff are lefted on the machines.

What I would like to do is build a clean system, and then using
snapshot, make an application object for installing this program. From
there, use the application object to uninstall the existing software on
the 20 odd machines. Will this work? I read on the documentation that
the way the uninstall works is that you have to enable it and then it
somehow uses the NalCache. Will it uninstall the application if it was
not installed using Zen?

Thanks in advance.