Simple question (yeah, sure =)

Running Zen 7 SP1

I have created a NAL app for the new GroupWise client.

It installs fine.

If I set it to "force run" and "run once", it does it's thing then
dissapears from the NAL explorer.

How do I make this (or any, for that matter) NAL app run once for a
user, remain in the Explorer window for the purpose of verifying the
install, yet not run again on it's own unless I change the version
number on the App object?

I would think this would be the default behaviour that most people
would want from the ZEN app launcher? Yet, I can't seem to get this
combination of actions to work. It either runs every time they log in,
or it completely dissapears from the App explorer after it does the
"run once".

Suggestions please?

Thanks in advance...