got a NAL app for installing an application. (setup.exe). made a
simple app object, pointed to the setup files on the network, etc,
It works fine, but i'd like to actually "execute" this application
right after its installed. the workstation doesn't need to be
rebooted; if you just run the .exe after its installed, it runs fine.

Been trying to figure out the syntax for a script using the "run after
termination" feature under "run options". I can get it to run using
the Novell login script processor (@c:\program
files\path\path\program.exe , followed by the exit command), But for
some reason, this is hanging up...the "running post execution script"
window stays up and it never seems to finish, even though, it does
execute the program ok.
So I'm trying to figure out the syntax for windows to run it natively.
(shouldn't be so hard!!)...can't seem to get that to do anything,

in "run after termination", I put the path to the .exe. "c:\program
files\etc\program". (I tried it w/ the .exe, and without. with a line
feed, and without.) For "script engine location", I put
"%winsysdir%\cmd.exe /c"
for "extension", I put ".cmd".

any thoughts?

(nw6.5 spk6/ zfd4.01/ nwclient 4.91spk2/xpspk2)