I have a customer who implemented a cool tool for syncing the WinXP
screensaver password with the logged-in user's eDirectory password.
(Here's the link to that tool:
http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/tools/13702.html) He was wondering if
anyone knows of a way to allow for an alternate screensaver password in
addition to the user's sync'd password. When he accesses a user's machine
for support, if that user has walked away, the screen saver is up and
passworded with the user's eDir password - that he doesn't know. He'd
love to have a way to include a default, alternate password that he could
enter at the screensaver password prompt that would bring him into that
user's current desktop session. I know if he enters the administrator
password, it will close the user's current session and get him into a new
desktop session on that computer. Obviously, that's not what he wants to
do for desktop support. Any help would be greatly appreciated.