We have a bunch of Windows 2000 workstations where the ZEN agent was
installed and everything EXCEPT NAL works.

I can remote control the machine and I don't see the NAL icon on the

It's set to run the explorer in the startup folder

If you manually try to run it, nothing happens (you can see VERY briefly
that it shows the NAL icon on the taskbar and then goes away)

The ONLY fix I've been able to find is to remove the ZEN agent and
reinstall it.

Originally I thought this was a problem with the 6.5 SP1b agent, but we
just rolled out 7 HP3a agent and I'm seeing Windows 2000 workstations
that got the upgrade, but same situation (and since we pushed it out via
NAL, I know it worked previously)

I see NOTHING in the event viewer logs to assist

Any ideas on how to track down WHY it won't run?

There's no error messages that pop up and the nalntsrv.exe service stops
and starts just fine.

Users ARE Administrator of the local machine.