I am having difficulty with Adobe Pro and standard 7, I have read
adobe's website on setting up a package and I have created a transform and
then downloaded all of the appropriate patches.

From there I have created a zen app and pointed to the correct .msi and
then added the .mst and then the 7.05, 7.07, 7.08, 7.09 patches. If I
then install this package it all seems to work properly until I startup
adobe and it does not register that any of the patches are installed
properly. (user rights do not impact the install and how it operates.)

To get the patches to register as being installed I then removed the 7.09
patch from the list of patches and then made another app which runs
msiexec and then points to the 7.09 patch. I then set the dependancy
chain to run the main install first.

Contents of run/application tab:

/p "\ServernameZENAppsAdobeAdobe Acrobat 7.0 ProfessionalAcro709.msp" /log
"%temp%Acrobat_professional.log" REINSTALLMODE=vomus REINSTALL=all

When I then run this it works great for administrators but then fails with
a .msi 1625 error for power users which are the majority of my user base.
I'm not sure why the install for the 7.09 patch is not running with
elevated privilges. Any suggestions???