Has anyone out there used ZENWorks to install Adobe Acrobat Professional 8?
I am having fits trying to get it to work. I has a new e-licensing scheme
that isn't working. I wondered if anyone else has deployed it and how they
got around this?

Specific details
ZENWorks 6.5sp2
Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 (as MSI) (with MSP for 8.1 patch)
Uses 2 transforms, one to tell it English, and one created using their
customization wizard
Installation proceeds without problem with both Admin and Limited user
After installation, we get a screen telling us to download an e-License (if
you're an administrator) if you are limited user account, you just get an
error message (), this the e-Lic cannot be downloaded.

I'd like to push out the/an e-Lic with the installation, has anyone done
this yet, and overcome this problem?

Thanks for your help

Brian W.