Hello all: We use Mozilla Firefox as our default browser
here at work. Each morning when users log in I have a zen
applications which pushes down prefs.js to the users mozilla
application data folder in their profile. As users have
different jobs and rights, the prefs.js file is different
for each usergroup. Therefore I have about 12 zen apps to
do this. This works great.

I now need to upgrade all workstations to version
I have created the needed zen application and tested it.
The only issue I have is that the user's prefs.js file needs
to be reinstalled as the upgraded firefox has slightly
different parameters in the file. This is again no big
issue if the user simply reruns the zen application to push
down the proper prefs.js file.

But alas here is the problem, my boss does not want users to
HAVE TO DO ANY EXTRA STEPS. So I am wondering if I can
automatically call one zen app. from another app.

Is this possible?? Thanks, Chris.