Hello all,

This is my first time posting and I am a bit of a novice, so bear with
me. My boss has set me out with the task for repackaging Microsoft
Office 2007 to deploy using Zenworks. In the past they have only used
Zenworks for imaging and limited app deployment. I have limited/no
zenworks training, but I understand the basics. We have an evaluation
version of AdminStudio, and I have attempted to repackage office two
ways using the monitoring method. Since office 2003 was installed
manually and not through zen, I could not simply create an uninstall
for 2003. I tried to repackage 2003 to then create an unistall MSI but
everytime I would try to package it, it would just get hung up. Then I
tried to create an uninstall for office 2003, and which I created a
package when I ran it on a workstation it did not do anything. Then I
tried to create an upgrade package running the MSOffice 2007 setup to
"upgrade," while it did create a package, it did so with 367 errors,
and I attempted to deploy it to my test workstation and it was rather
ugly. All of the word icons will now not show up and everytime I click
on an icon it keeps looking for the bootstrapper. I was wondering if
anyone else has been successful in packaging MS Office 2007, and if so
are there any tips/advice that you can provide.