Hi all,

We have a MSI application object that has been running for a while.
A small change needs to be made to the MSI, so we created a MST to be applied.

I have added the MST to the TRANSFORMS section of the MSI tab in the AO.
- When I relaunch the app, it launches without redistributing as expected.

I then change the VERSION number on the DISTRIBUTION OPTIONS tab.
- When I relaunch the app, it seems to "verify", but the change has not taken

I then change the GUID of the AO.
- When I relaunch, the same as above happens.

So I cannot seem to get the MST to apply to this existing MSI.
Should the MST actually apply to the MSI through a VERSION/GUID change?
If so, what do you suggest is wrong.. if not what would be the correct method.

The change is so small, creating an MSI upgrade seems a bit OTT.

Running Zenworks 7 SP1.