I created a couple of application objects.
First object runs an Uninstall program.
Second object goes through the deletes leftover registry keys and
deletes folder from Program Files.

I made the second application dependent upon the first one running.

Under "Availability" of the first object, I set it to only be available
if a certain file has a certain date.

My assumption was, that if the file did not exist because the uninstall
ran successfully (deleting the file), that it would simply "skip" the
first object, and continue with the second object to delete reg

However, I'm getting an error saying that "A dependent application
failed to install File date: c:\program files\knowledgepoint\piw.exe"

how can I make this work?

The goal is to have 3 total application objects. First uninstalls old
program, second cleans up old program, 3rd installs new program. 3rd
program is only icon that is available to users.

If computer never had old program, simply install 3rd program.

Make sense? thanks
#novell on efnet