I created a Web Application object for quick access to our HP OpenView
Network Presenter page for Help Desk staff. The URL is
"http://hpopenview.doc.state.nj.us/OvCgi/ovlaunch.exe". It works fine
using "Test the URL", but when launched from NAL an Application Launcher
Status box comes up with "Could not launch HPOV Network
Browser.Applications.DOCNet (using
http://hpopenview.doc.state.nj.us/OvCgi/ovlaunch.exe (id=123). The
filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect."

This seemed a bit similar to the problem described in TID 3008755, where
"mailto" worked with Test the URL but not when launched from NAL, so I
upgraded my agent from to (the version in ZDM 7 SP1 HP6)
to make sure I had the latest fixes; no joy. I created a simple App
object using IEXPLORE.EXE as the command line and the URL as the
parameter; that works fine.

So it looks like an issue within the Web App code. Anyone else running
into this? Any suggestions?