Hey all,

Just wondering how to do this, and why it doesn't work. Zen 7 sp1 hp6. I am also using ENGL to image my computers.

I have an application that I want to force install to only certain workstation groups. I had it installed as users during workstation imaging and it worked just fine, only, too many people got the app though.

So, I assigned the app to about a dozen workstation groups. I made the app, which is an msi, "force run as user if application is workstation associated" and also "Run app once" ( because I only want it to install one time). I do this because I want it to install in a certain order.

I have wait on force run, Determine force run order, and have the order number of 460, and show progress as default.

The app installs just fine when I tested it and ran it from the nal window. But when I image the computers, the app does not install.

After the image process the app shows up in the NAL window and I can run the app, and it installs just fine.

So, I am a bit confused.

Anyone have and thoughts?